About Busyballers

busyballsAt Ready, Steady, Go Play Group and Montessori Pre-School we are very proud to be associated with Busyballers which is a sports programme for children two and a half years and older. It is dedicated to the task of introducing your children to the wonderful world of sport. It is a proven fact that besides the obvious benefits of participating competently in various sporting activities; more importantly is the development of many essential skills which enhance every aspect of a child’s life.

Busyballer’s Goal

The primary objective of Busyballers is to provide the necessary ball skills to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment whilst participating in sport. Their motto says it all: “Developing every aspect of a child’s life through sport.”

What your child will learn at Busyballers?

Using positive teaching methods, creativity and specialised equipment and exercises, Busyballers provides children with the opportunity to take part in learning popular ball sports which they may choose to play and enjoy for the rest of their lives. Busyballers is not only for talented mini stars or for children with coordination problems, but caters for all children of all ball skill levels.
For 2017 – our Busyballers session is on a Friday split into a younger and older group during a morning routine