Ballet for Pre-Schoolers

Some will say satin slippers, others will say pink tutus. I would say that it is the dance of grace and athletic prowess. Ballet is so much more than slippers and tutus. In addition to its physical benefits (promotes physical strength, agility and balance), it can boost concentration in our little ones, and help them to develop an understanding of music and rhythm.

If your child has expressed an interest in dance or creative movement, Ballet may be the perfect fit.

Kaylee Prossor's School of Ballet

Teaching movement to music and fun routines related to the Ballet and Modern discipline. Ballet increases co-ordination, muscle tone and core muscles as well as musicality, and stage performance which inspire confidence.

Classes are open to the ages of usually 3 years old and is an extra mural which takes place after school hours.  Ballet as an extra mural will only take place if there is a demand during the year.